1.Blue   2.Start fresh!   3.Easy and great walking!   4.What dose hyakue mean?   5.Really exhausted?   6.Do you truly understand yourself?   7.Write a letter that you never send.   8.Free your mind from all stresses.   9.Time is the best medicine.   10.Go to sleep easily!
11.Why don't you free yourself?   12.The ear has more than 100 acupuncture points.   13.Wash away the stress.   14.Create your own luck!   15.Practice abdominal breathing.   16.Warm stone massage.   17.Simple Meditation!   18.7 important acupressure points.   19.Focus your energies!   20.Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
21.What a perfect exercise walking is!   22.Smiling is the best medicine in the world!   23.You are as loose as a goose!   24.Exhale to remove negative feelings!   25.Imagine you accept a gift from the sun.   26.Weekend's refresh   27.Green tea   28.Serotonin   29.Vitamin A, C &E are the most powerful vitamin trio!   30.Vitamin A(Fat-soluble vitamin)
31.Calorie restriction!   32.B-complex vitamins(Water-soluble vitamin)   33.Vitamin C(Water-soluble vitamin)   34.Vitamin D(Fat-soluble vitamin)   35.Vitamin E(Fat-soluble vitamin)   36.Vitamin K(Fat-soluble vitamin)   37.Stress causes obesity.   38.Let's eat a banana for a perfect breakfast!   39.Let's drink vinegar!   40.Magnesium vs. Calcium
41.Caution! Lack of zinc   42.Copper   43.Iron   44.Massage with the gym towel.   45.Stretch your eyes.   46.Are you frustrated now?   47.Feeling tired ?   48.Exercise your eyes ?   49.Just for a change...!   50.What do you think?
51.Reassure yourself!   52.Keep a color diary!   53.Green color effects!   54."Do you feel yourself worrying about something?"   55.The Energy of Purple.   56.Put a red light on low in your living room.   57.Using colored bath salts.   58.Hot water Mint gargle   59.Mint   60.Chrysanthemum
61.Chamomile vs. Linden Blossoms   62.Why should you try this herbal tea?   63.Eucalyptus plus Peppermint   64.Chamomile   65.Bathing in the morning   66.Original bath oil for your special night!   67.How to clear your blocked nasal passages?   68.Anti-stress massage   69.Rose Otto essential oil   70.Eucalyptus
71.Blue Monday!   72.Do you have sudden headaches?   73.My own fragrance!   74.Laurel   75.Scent of rose otto oil.   76.Stimulate your parasympathetic nerve.   77.Folic acid(Water-soluble vitamin)   78.Food color indicates your health condition.   79.Let's check your health by using 7 colors!   80.Niacin, biotin and pantothenic acid   81.WASABI   82.Welsh onion(Negi in Japan)
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Caution! San Francisco(Funny signs)

Funny signs

In San Francisco and the Bay Area,it’s just something that is fun and useful.
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